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Installation Step by Step

01 . Configure your Bluetooth adapter to a serial port with the phone or use the USB cable and enable the Serial Port

02 . Download the latest version of Phone Manager project. Net

03 . Run the application installation

04 . It will be installed on the desktop shortcuts, Programs folder and in the Startup folder

05 . Click on the icon of the program on your desktop and follow the instructions below:
  • 5.1 . First get a setup screen of your serial port
  • 5.2 . will be found the serial ports connected to a cellular
  • 5.3 . If no serial port is not found try again by clicking on Clear, then Auto Detect
  • 5.4 . If still no serial port is not found select the port configured in your Bluetooth adapter and click Connect
  • 5.5 . It will then be shown a screen of Analysis / Record.
  • 5.6 . Upon completion click Register. This phase defines the functionality that can be used by the application.

06 . Now, the project Phone Manager is running.

07 . The project detects the language version of Windows and start with it .

08 . You can change the menu language at the application (Inglês / English Version 0.9.0).

09 . The next time you run the project it will be run in the Windows tray.

10 . Enjoy! Report any problem on this site.

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todo Oct 12, 2010 at 9:02 PM 
thanks to give a wonder full software for phone manager
i have micromax Q5 dual seam phone...
i have found one problem with fetching phone book record on your software...
so plz do better it...

amhonra Feb 26, 2010 at 3:51 AM 
I downloaded and testet. works great even in Windows 7 x64.
The only issue ( for me ) is that this could be a great program if the phonebook part could edit and update more data ( cell, home, work and fax numbers that already exists in the phone, e-mail address, group contact, etc....)