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Project Resume
Phone Manager makes it easier for users mobile phone to Manager PhoneBook, SMS and other features. It's developed in .NET 2.0 Framework with c#. Included in this project components: GSM Modem, custom SystemTray and custom Taskbar Notifier

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Microsoft. Framework Net 2.0
  • Bluetooth adapter or serial port
  • GSM Mobile Phone with Bluetooth adapter or USB serial port

Project Features
  • Works in any GSM phone with chip
  • 100% with AT Commands
  • Accepts and maintains data from several cell isolation
    • Custom configuration for each cell
  • Synchronization
    • Windows Live Contacts
    • Google Contacts
  • SMS Manager
  • Simultaneous Transmission of SMS (text format)
  • Delivery reports of SMS
  • Monitoring
    • Battery
    • Signal Quality
    • phonebook in Telephone / Chip
    • SMS Received / Sent / Not Sent
    • Incoming Call
  • Synchronization of Date / Time PC
  • Backup and Restore the phonebook
  • Alarm Management
  • Call Console
  • Registration of Carriers
  • Installs in TrayIcon

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Questions of how to use?
Need more info on the Phonebook?

in short videos on how to use


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